Audiences keep complicated work focused on value

Defining Audiences allows us to focus our efforts.

In complex efforts like data analytics, where there is a lot of technology involved and many moving parts, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. And then lose site of the goal.

It’s important to always remember, “Who cares?”

Audiences (or personas, users, however you want to characterize them) represent people who have real needs and want to answer specific Questions.

We answer these Questions with Metrics. Any work done on any data asset should clearly tie to the Audience and what Question(s) we are trying to address.

Audiences are typically by department for internal analytics (marketing, finance, etc) or by customer segment for customer-facing analytics. Audiences aren’t limited to this and can be defined however makes sense for your situation.

Design Data Products for specific Audiences (and often for specific Questions). This ensures the Data Products are fit for purpose and not just a bunch of charts and graphs not useful to anyone in particular.