Metrics are the most foundational concept in analytics

Metrics are the most fundamental concept of data analytics.

As humans, we want answers to questions. We want to understand the reality of situations. We want insights to know that the way we see reality is indeed reality.

Data helps us do that. We measure something so that we can track it and understand it.

A metric is a named measurement with a specific intent. An example of this is Number of Items in Stock.

A metric can also be a calculation derived from a raw measurement. An example of this might be Items Sold (starting quantity minus ending quantity).

Metrics in business are typically focused on processes and assets, with the intent of measuring performance.

In Simpler Analytics, a Metric should have a name, and a clear and simple definition. The definition should include its purpose and what it is measuring or calculating.

Metrics depend on Data Sources to provide them with raw data, and they are surfaced in Data Products like dashboards or reports. The intent of a Metric is to answer one or more Questions.

Simpler Analytics objects

A list of Metrics, and their associations to their related objects, is part of a Data Asset Inventory.